We are trailblazers.


Brooks Household Staffing understands our clients' needs and are improving the placement process one family at a time. By stepping outside the box, we are able to pinpoint what a family is looking for and match them with the best candidate — plus we’re not afraid of doing things differently. 



Nashville is growing at such a crazy pace. 

Cayla Brooks, Founder

Cayla Brooks, Founder

As Nashville continues to grow, so do the needs of area families. BROOKS realized the demand for personal service and household staffing was at an all time high, as well as the desire for qualified candidates to find meaningful and satisfying opportunities.

BROOKS has personal experience from both ends of the spectrum. Owner and founder, Cayla Brooks, knows first hand what it is like to be a candidate in search of the right family placement as well as skilled insight to determine the needs of families so that they receive the perfect match.






“I moved to Nashville from NYC two years ago. When I lived in NYC, there were so many agencies willing to help me find a job. When moving to Nashville, I realized there was not a single agency that could help with my job search. Now there will be.”

-Cayla Brooks



Cayla graduated from Mississippi State University with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. After teaching 4th grade for one year, she quickly realized that wasn’t for her. She packed a U-Haul with no job or place to live and drove to New York City. After three amazing years as a full time nanny, Cayla decided it was time to return to her southern roots. She relocated to Nashville where she became a personal assistant and a household manager.

With a decade of experience under her belt, not only has Cayla utilized agencies to find personal employment, but she has also called on agencies for help finding qualified candidates while a household manager. Being on both sides of the hiring process brings a unique and valuable perspective to matching families with highly qualified staff. 

In her free time, Cayla enjoys spending time with her family — especially her nieces and nephews, trying out new work out routines, and traveling. She is an adventurer at heart, but savors the rare opportunity for quiet time.



“Because I’ve been a candidate searching for a position, as well as someone looking to hire, I bring unique insight to placing the right candidate with the right family.”

-Cayla Brooks








And, we are well connected with families that need staff as well as skilled candidates that can help make our clients' lives easier.